What is Bingo-Antidote?

Bingo-Antidote is a petrological software originally developed by Pierre Lanari and Erik Duesterhoeft that offers an alternative modelling strategy based on iterative thermodynamic models integrated with quantitative compositional mapping. This second version, distributed as an XMapTools add-on, comes with a redesigned graphical user interface and improved features.

Iterative thermodynamic models

Bingo-Antidote proposes a hybrid strategy combining the strengths of Gibbs energy minimisation (GEM) and inverse thermobarometry models, based on the comparison between modelled and observed mineral assemblages, modes and compositions. The overall technique relies on quantitative compositional maps obtained by electron probe microanalysis to provide a mutually consistent set of observed data such as bulk rock and mineral compositions.


Bingo-Antidote uses the Gibbs energy minimiser Theriak developed by Christian de Capitani. The latest version of Theriak-Domino, provided by Doug Tinkham, is required to use Bingo-Antidote.

Download Theriak-Domino from Github

What papers should I read to learn more about this technique?

There are two technical papers, the first by Duesterhoeft & Lanari (2020) and the second by Lanari & Hermann (2021), which includes a proof of concept and an application example.

The philosophy of iterative thermodynamic modelling behind Bingo-Antidote is also described in older publications: Lanari & Engi (2017) and Lanari & Duesterhoeft (2019). Note that the Lanari & Duesterhoeft (2019) paper gives a general overview of thermodynamic modelling and also provides an example of an application of Bingo-Antidote.


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